x Lost treasure

Columbia County:
In 1953, a boy swimming in the Wisconsin River, found three ten pound
gold bars. They were on a riverboat that sank in 1870 with $100,000 on
board. Located - on the east river bank half a mile south of Portage.
Crawford County:

Fort Crawford
In 1816, French fur traders built a fort on St. Feiriole, only to lose it later
to a flood. Located - On the Mississippi River by Prairie du Chien.

Fort Crawford
On St. Feriole Island, Fort Crawford was built in 1829. All that remains
of the fort is the hospital. Located - on the east bank of the river by
Prairie de Chien.

Lost Treasure
On the highest bluff near Fort Crawford, four saddlebags of gold coins
from 1832 are buried. The soldiers who buried the coins, the payroll for
the post, were all killed by Indians. Located - outside Prairie de Chien.

Lost Treasure
On occasion, artifacts and coins are found along the shore of the
Mississippi River from a paddlewheel steamer that sank. At low water it
is still visible. Located - one mile south of DeSoto.
Dunn County:

Lost Treasure
$400,000 in loot is said to have been buried by the Maxwell gang near
the village of Elk Mound.
Fond du Lac County:

Agate is the gem you can find in Fond du Lac County.
Grant County:

Lost Treasure
Along the muddy banks of the Mississippi River, small silver bars and
artifacts have been found. A riverboat is said to have been lost in the
area. Located - Glenhaven, five miles west of County 133 on the eastside
of Mississippi River.
Iowa County:

Lost Treasure
By Coon Rocks bluff, outside of Dodgeville, two Indians confessed that
they buried several chests of gold they robbed from a riverboat.
Iron County

Lost Treasure
In the woods, approximately eight miles south east of Mercer, one
quarter mile behind the Little Bohemia Lodge, the outlaw John Dillinger
is reported to have buried $700,000 in paper currency in suitcases.
Jackson County:

Lost Treasure
French explorers are said to have buried a large bag of gold Indian
artifacts, found on an Indian mound, at the East and Black Fork junction
of the Black River, by Hatfield Village. Located 4 miles east of State 12.
Jefferson County:

Historical Site
At the Aztalan National Historic Landmark, you can see parts of the
Indian village of the middle Mississippi culture from the 1200's. Located
three miles east of Lake Mills, State 89.
Juneau County:

Quartzite, quartz, rock spr. is what you will find in Juneau County.
La Crosse County:

In the county of La Crosse you will find Agate.
Milwaukee County:

Lost Treasure
A suburb of Milwaukee, West Allis is where Thomas Burke buried
$16,000 inside glass jars on his property. His widow claims its still there,
all except the $7,700 workmen found in 1962, when they razed the house
to build an expressway.
Oconot County;

Historical Site
At Oconto Site National Historic Landmark in Copper Culture Park,
Oconto, WI., one can see the excavation sites of the copper culture
Indians who date back to 5500 B.C.. This site is also evidence of the
earliest use of metals in the world.
Oneida County:

Lost Treasure
Under the floor in the basement of his home in Eagle River, R.C. Bennett
hid sixty tin boxes with over $40,000 in coins. He left his wife directions
to the treasure before he died in 1950. She found the sixty tins with the
coins,but there is said to be a million in paper currency still to be found.
Polk County:

Lost Treasure
A wagonload of gold, worth $200,000, was buried in a swampy area
south of Balsam Lake. It was buried seven miles northeast of St. Croix
Falls by miners returning from Montana. Unfortunately they were unable
to retrieve their gold as the treasure sank in quicksand like soil due to
heavy rains.
Portage County:

Serpentine is the gem found in Portage County.
Richland County:

Lost Treasure
In the area of Bogus Bluft, by Uotham and the Wisconsin River, two men
are believed to have been killed by outlaws. They were on their way with
a dozen packhorses to get the rest of their treasures. They consisted of
priceless Indian relies made of gold and silver that they found in a cave.
Sauk County:

Quartz and Rock Spr. is found in Sauk County.
Superior County:

Lost Treasure
In the city of Superior, along the shores of Lake Superior, gold coins have
been found. They possibly came from the sunken ship of the Benjamin
Noble, which was carrying over $100.000 in gold coins.
Yernon County:

Lost Treasure
In the area of Wildcat Mountain, west of Ontario, the Jesse James gang is
said to have buried two Iron boxes and a safe full of loot.
Walworth County:

Lost Treasure
The gangster, Sam Amatuna, is said to have buried $50,000 in paper
currency, which was wrapped in a canvas bundle sometime during the
1930's. Located - North of Pell Lake.
Winnebago County:

Lost Treasure
Within walking distance of the City of Oshkosh, along the shores of
Lake Winnebago, is the general location a wealthy furniture
manufacturer left a note saying he'd buried $500,000.
Wood County:

Gems - Quartzite and Serpentine can be found in Wood County.


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